Due to COVID-19 we are focused on protecting the safety of our employees. We are accepting online orders but shipments may take longer than normal. You now have up to 30 days from date received to return your gear if needed. Please stay safe.

Monthly Membership

 Feature Premium Membership Basic Membership
Number of Sessions per month ✔ Unlimited ✔ Unlimited
Session duration everyday ✔ 30 Mins ✔ 30 Mins
Pitching Machine/ Bowling Machine Included ✔ Yes ✔ Yes
Bring Your Coach ✔ Yes ✖ No
Number of Family Members ✔ Up to 4 ✔ 1
Guest Pass ✔ 2 Per month ✖ None
Membership Hours ✔ Regular Hours ✔ Regular Hours
Monthly Charges $120 month $65 per month


Please check terms and condition for monthly membership