Monthly Membership Terms & Conditions

  1. Premium Membership is limited to one family which includes 2 parents and up to 3 kids.
  2. Basic Membership is limited to one family which 1 Parent and up to 1 kid.
  3. Each premium membership member will be provided 2 guest passes which will can be used anytime in the month. Unused passes will expire at the end of month.
  4. Premium Membership includes unlimited use of batting cages for the paid / reserved period limited to use of one cage at one time.
  5. Basic Membership includes limited use of 30 mins session for batting cages for paid/ reserved period limited to use of one cage at one time.
  6. Cage rental can only be used for pitching, cricket bowling, fielding & hitting practices, cricket batting.
  7. Each cage rental will include the cage, L shaped protective screen and a pitching machine or cricket bowling Machine (subject to availability and on first come first serve basis). Members need to bring their own baseballs/ softball/ cricket, bats, helmets or any other protective wear.
  8. All rentals must be scheduled for same day usage. Please call membership reservations number ahead of time to make your reservations on first come first serve basis.
  9. Cage rentals will be available on first come first serve basis only.
  10. Each member can schedule maximum 1 hour of lane (cage) rental for Premium Membership and Maximum 30 mins of lane (cage) rental for basic membership. 
  11. Any guest with out guest pass / non member accompanied for using lane will be charged $10 per hour. 
  12. Each member needs to sign a liability waiver.
  13. If reservation needs to be cancelled, please call and let StarSportsUS know at a minimum two hours ahead of time, thus the cage can be available to other members. No show or cancellations without a two hour notice period shall be charged a fee of additional $10 per incident.
  14. Membership can be cancelled  advance notice before end of paid period with written cancellation form or by using our website. Membership cannot be cancelled middle of paid period(month).
  15. No refund will be provided if membership is cancelled middle of the period. 
  16. Membership cannot be prorated to number of days remaining for the month.

 By clicking Pay with Paypal to purchase membership , you understand and agree to above terms and conditions.