Kookaburra Ghost 5.0 English Willow Cricket Bat

Kookaburra Ghost 5.0 English Willow Cricket Bat


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Kookaburra English Willow Cricket Bat : Ghost 5.0

The Ghost has become a firm favourite of players at all levels of the game who loved the massive profile that it possesses. The 2020 Ghost builds on that popularity by offering players a significantly lighter version of its predecessor making it suitable for players who prefer lighter bats without compromising on the original Ghosts minimal scallop design.

  • MODEL: GHOST 5.0
  • CODE: 2A20195


The Kookaburra Ghost 5.0 cricket bat has been handmade using English willow and features a non oil 'Pro Shield' face.

 Sizes: H, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 & 1


Each cleft is different, and although replication by machine would seem a sensible direction, it does not allow Kookaburra’s Master Bat Maker to individually assess and uniquely work every cleft to maximise it’s performance. Over 50 different processes go into the production of each Kookaburra bat... TRUE CRAFTSMANSHIP


Kookaburra use traditional methods to prepare willow, with clefts being left to dry naturally over a period of time rather than ‘flash’ dried in kilns. This gives greater durability as it allows the willow to find it’s natural moisture level