Kookaburra Cricket Bat Toe Protector


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 Kookaburra Cricket Bat Toe Guard Protector kit.

The Kookaburra toe guard is a simple to use DIY kit that prevents and repairs damage to cricket bat toes.  The highly durable rubber toe guard prolongs durability and will not affect the performance of a cricket bat in any way. 

Most bats these days come with a toe guard as a standard feature. This is because a toe guard is a vital element in not only protecting the toe of the bat but also aiding in preventing unwanted moisture from seeping up through the oil well of the bat. There are however some great cricket bats that do not come with toe guards. The Kookaburra Bat Toe Protector is an easy to apply toe guard for bats that do not have bat toe protectors.

The kit includes:

  • 2 strips of durable Kookaburra toe guard
  • 1 tube of adhesive
  • 1 emery board