Gray Nicolls Powerbow 6x 500 Cricket Batting Pads


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Gray Nicolls Cricket Batting Pads - Powerbow 6x 500 

protection on the Powerbow6X 500 comes from its Diffuser foam instep. This area around the lower leg can often be forgotten about, but the Powerbow6X leg guards have you covered. The instep also aids comfort during long innings, allowing the batsman to focus on the thing that matters most – batting.

The Poly-armour knee promises to deliver brilliantly flexible protection, combining the need for speed of movement, and defence against quick bowling. Modern cricket relies heavily on agility, and these batting pads will allow all users to move freely at the crease.

Also featuring on the Powerbow6X leg guard to increase batsman's peace of mind still further is the ¾ Diffuser foam wing. Sometimes a ball can sneak past the main area of the leg guard and clip the side of the leg – a painful experience to say the least. The addition of the foam wing will help reduce this impact.

Powerbow6X leg guards. Where a stunning aesthetic perfectly marries with unbeatable protection. We can't wait for you try these fantastic batting pads.


  • High-density foam and Cane rod diffuser bolster for protection against the world's fastest bowlers
  • EVA knee with Poly-armour, giving fantastic comfort and flexibility with no compromise on protection
  • Full-length high-density foam wing, protecting the side of your leg from the impact of fast bowling
  • Vapour foam instep, added for increased comfort, and an extra level of protection
  • Vigorously tested by our specialist product designers based in Robertsbridge