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Aero Cricket Thigh Pad - Combo

Natural Movement And Mobility
3D Shaping
Slimline Profile
Mobility For Ease Of Movement When Compressed (P1)
Dual Fitting Straps Allows Multiple Adjustments
Easy To Put On And Take Off… Quickly
Integrity Of The EVA Foam And PE Hi-Impact Plastic Remains After Repeated Ball Strikes
Foam Padding Inserts Can Be Removed And Replaced If And When Required
A Quick-Dry Polyester Fabric Used On The Strippers™ Is Easy To Wash And Stops Mould Build-Up From Sweating Or Offseason Storage
Adjustable Dual Fitting Waist Strap Ensures The Lower Body Protector Is Correctly Located During Play.
The Central Velcro Strap Is Easy To Access For Minor Adjustment
3D Moulded Hi-Impact Plastic & Laminated Foam Shaping Facilitates A Snug Fit
The Wide Strap Also Helps Support The Lower Back
Extensive Integrated Coverage Including Both Thighs And Hip (On The P1 Model – Extra Lower Stomach, Cheek, Inner Thigh And Groin Protection)
Integrates Snugly With The Leg Protector
P1 For Ball Speeds Up To 160kph