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Gunn & Moore Original Cricket Batting Gloves

Gunn & Moore Original Cricket Batting Gloves

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  • Absorbs up to 90% of energy when impacted at high strain rates. 
  • Soft and contouring against the body, yet instantly dissipates force upon impact. 
  • Maintains performance beyond the life of the product.
  • 0.41 Approx Weight Per Pair (KG)
  • Calf Leather Palm
  • Palm Wear Patch
  • PU+ Back of Hand
  • XRD & Fibre Finger Rolls
  • Raw Cotton & Fibre Finger Rolls
  • HD Foam/Plastic Fibre Back of Hand Filling
  • Multi Section Back of Hand
  • Soft-Fill Comfort
  • Comfort Lining
  • Two-Piece Thumb
  • Side Bar Protection
  • Double Sided Sweatband.